Located in Yinhe 596 S&T Campus of Chengdu, Microsystem & Terahertz Research Center ( MTRC ) was established in December 2011. Our mission is to break through frontiers of physical principle and critical technologies concerning microsystem, terahertz and micro-nano fabrication. In microsystem research area, we focus on modeling of digital, analog IC, sensors, actuator, power component, optical-quantum component, and their integration. Terahertz interests in our center include ultra-speed communication, high-resolution image ,schottky-diode based multiplexer and mixer, phase-shifter, PA, LNA, and integrated module. As the key technology support for both core research area, Micro-nano fabrication is closely linked to optical components, diode-based multiplexer and mixer, mems sensors, MCM and 3D-integration modules. With approximate 200 team members consisting of elite youth scientists and renowned experts, we envision that via faithful endeavors of 10 years , this entity will be a open reputational innovation platform in microsystem , terahertz and micro-nano fabrication for domestic and abroad peers.